STW application for the development of a clinical prediction machine based on the ERC data

Stroke refers to a sudden incident (bleeding or blockage) in the blood circulation of the brain, resulting in nerve cell death and subsequent loss of neurological function. In the Netherlands, every year more than 45,000 people suffer a first-ever stroke, resulting in large numbers of patients with chronic disabilities. We propose to build a prediction machine, based on clinical data and advanced neuroimaging data that will help clinicians to predict long-term outcome in an efficient and reliable manner. This is important as about half of the patients that are discharged home will later present with problems in everyday life due to cognitive (e.g. memory, attention) or emotional (post-stroke depression) problems. An early diagnosis provides a window of opportunity for early remedial action, such as dedicated rehabilitation procedures for memory problems.

The application: STW Rev II

Letter-of-support Johns Hopkins: letter of support Jason Barndt

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